Greg started Angstadt Law in 2014, after having worked a first career as manager of environment, safety and health for a manufacturer of highly hazardous chemicals. Greg has developed and managed facility compliance programs, negotiated operating permits and licenses, proactively obtained agency interpretations to complex regulatory issues, and responded to agency enforcement actions. Greg has designed, negotiated, and successfully completed environmental remediation plans, and he has supported litigation arising from environmental contamination or permit violations.

While attending night school at the University of Denver, Sturm College of Law, Greg worked full-time as regional manager in the water treatment industry, providing chemical expertise and equipment support to industrial wastewater and oil field operations. He interned under the administrative law judges at the Federal Mine Safety and Heath Review Commission. Greg received his undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College, completing majors in both chemistry and history.

Greg’s scientific and technical understanding of water treatment, safety and health compliance, and environmental remediation – coupled with his first-hand experience in manufacturing and industrial operations – enables him to quickly grasp the operational ramifications of complex compliance issues. Combining this scientific, and operational background with extensive experience with agency enforcement and administrative law, Greg possess a unique skill set to assist clients – and to negotiate with regulators – to define and implement workable solutions.